How I can help you reduce transcript fatigue

If you can get a plain-text electronic version of a transcript (also known as an ASCII) from the reporter that did the transcribing, I can convert it to something that is easier on your eyes. I remove line numbers and otherwise reduce white space. Each question and each answer become a paragraph, with no mid-paragraph hard returns. I use a single indent for what reporters call "colloquy material" -- verbal exchanges with the court. Original pagination is shown. Output can be in any format in which a document can be saved in WordPerfect X4 or Word 2010.

The recipient can change the font or the type size without throwing the format out of whack.

Essentially, you get as much content on a page as your eyes can handle. Cut and paste is clean except for the page break markers.

I have provided a short sample of what the output looks like.

I do not offer a software program that does the conversion; I do it with a string of WordPerfect 5.1+ macros.

I can generally work with a PDF that was created by a court reporter with transcription software. It depends on whether the text can be highlighted and pasted into a text editor, or, as an alternative, saved in Word. (I can't do anything with a PDF that was created by scanning, even if it has been OCR-enabled.)

If you received a PDF that was artificially lengthened by the insertion of spaces between the letters in words ("d o g" instead of "dog"), I can probably fix that. (I can't do anything about the inflated price you paid for it.)

If what I offer would be helpful to you, call or email me to discuss your needs further.